2024 HMAS Hobart Cup - CYCSA

2024 HMAS Hobart Cup

The Cruising Yacht Club of South Australia (CYCSA) extend to you a warm invitation to our Club at North Haven, sailing on the metropolitan waters of Gulf St Vincent.

The CYCSA offers first class facilities both on and off the water with marina facilities; berthing, slipping, launch, hardstand areas and dining facilities.


0900 Registration, welcoming & briefing (Patio)
0930 Rigging of boats and clothes change
1000 Leave dock. Proceed to Course Area (no team to leave dock before 1000hrs)
1020 Racing commences. (First race is a practice)
1130 Racing concludes – Return immediately to dock 
1145 Teams Debrief with captains/managers
1200 Pizza lunch in Patio area.
1245 Lunch finishes.
1300 Leave dock. (no team to leave dock before 1300hrs)
1315 Racing re-commences.
1500 Last warning. Racing concludes – Return immediately to dock
1515 Store sails, hose down boats, return radios, change clothes
1530 Festivities commence. 
1630 Presentation in Patio Area.
1700 Presentation concludes. You are invited to stay and enjoy a meal at the club.

Event Type and Site Map
The Club’s 6 Elliott 7’s will be available for this event.
The event will be Teams Racing


Please support the following sponsors:


Australian Submarine Corporation

The Cruising Yacht Club of South Australia

Youth Sailing Foundation

Regatta Notice Board

Regatta E Notice Board will be updated periodically:

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NoR Hobart Cup V17.2.24

Sailing Instructions

Teams Racing Scoring Sheet

Risk Management Plan v29.2.24

2 Page Incident Report

Version Changes:

11.3.23 : NoR v08.3.23
17.2.24: NoR v17.2.24


History of the HMAS Hobart

The Hobart Cup is a participatory event  proudly presented by the following parties:

The Naval Military and Airforce Club of SA
The HMAS Hobart Association of SA
The Cruising Yacht Club of SA
The Friends of the MHMAS Hobart Memorial
The Australian Submarine Corporation

The Hobart Cup is in memory of the HMAS Hobart and her crew.

Hobart was scuttled in Yankalilla Bay to form an artificial dive reef, and its final resting place lies 4 nautical miles west north west of Marina St Vincent. The Hobart was nicknamed the `Green Ghost` for her reputation as a quiet vessel during three tours of duty of Vietnam

HMAS Hobart (II) was awarded the battle honour VIETNAM 1967-70 for her three deployments to Vietnam, During these deployments, Hobart served as part of the US Seventh Fleet, participating in Operation SEA DRAGON and serving on the gunline providing naval gunfire support and harassment and interdiction fire. She also provided support to US Marine and airborne divisions, the Army of the Republic of Vietnam as well as undertaking plane guard and escort duties with US aircraft carrier striking groups.

In recognition of the professionalism of her crew during her first deployment to Vietnam she was awarded a US Navy Unit Commendation for ‘exceptionally meritorious service’ as an element of the US Seventh Fleet during the period 10 March to 20 September 1967. The award was presented to Captain Griffiths on 21 April 1969.

The citation highlighted the “outstanding teamwork, courage and professionalism displayed by Hobart’s officers and men.”

The Hobart Cup therefore  will be awarded to the crew which best meets these proficiencies of outstanding teamwork, courage and professionalism.  The CYCSA Elliott 7 Racing Keelboats are the best platform from which to measure these traits: 

TEAMWORK 1: MACRO: Two teams of 4 per boat will BATTLE on the water to DEFEND their strategic position in a race and ensure their team works as a combined unit to not necessarily wing the race, but win the BATTLE (based on teams racing scoring system).

TEAMWORK 2: MICRO: At a micro level, teamwork within the boat will require crews to work together and determine:

1. Crew Roles: Skipper-Strategist/Bowperson/Mainsheethand/Trimmer-Navigator.
2. Chain of command re. decision making tasks. (Who has final say in tactical decisions?)
3. Crew work coordination and unity. (Working together and in unison physically will ensure a faster passage).
4. Fleet awareness. (Where on the course is your boat positioned.
5. Decision making: When to ATTACK and when to DEFEND.

COURAGE: The successful team will ultimately be the team which has made tactical decisions based on the correct balance and mix of race strategy, team positioning and awareness and appropriate time responsive decision making and seamanship.

PROFESSIONALISM: The successful team will need to demonstrate a professional approach towards the event including evidence of:

Pre-event weather forecasting
Pre-event yacht preparation and necessary maintenance
Pre-event communication with team members on both boats
Pre-event research and comprehension of basic yacht racing rules
Pre-event research and comprehension of teams racing rules
Pre-event research and understanding of teams racing strategies

Proficiency traits to be developed and measured during the event will include:
Boat part comprehension
Sail part knowledge
Rigging knowledge
Weather knowledge
Radio communications knowledge
Race Management knowledge
Role sharing

Frequently asked Questions


  1. Can we change team roles/postitions during the event?
  2. Yes, you can change crew positions but not skipper position.
  1. Can I register online as an individual?
  2. Yes. You do not have to register a team.
  1. Can we get some practice in before the event?
  2. Yes. You can apply online using this link:  ELLIOTT TRAINING FOR HOBART CUP – Cruising Yacht Club of SA – revolutioniseSPORT
  1. Will there be a practice race?
  2. Yes. There will be one practice race.
  1. Do you supply life jackets?
  2. Yes. We provide all life jackets for competitors.
  1. Do I need to have experience sailing?
  2. No. But we suggest you enrol in one of the training days before the event.
  1. Is there a prize for the winner?
  2. Yes. The Hobart Cup will be presented to the winning team.
  1. When will Sailing Instructions be released?
  2. SI’s will be available Friday 10th March
  1. Can we get coaching?
  2. Yes. You can organise coaching before the event. Restrictions as per SI’s apply on race day.
Prizes and Awards

 The Hobart Cup will be presented to the winning team.

The ‘HMAS HOBART CUP’ (created by ASC Pty Ltd) is intended as a perpetual trophy to be retained at the NMAFC year to year.

In 2023 with the modified program of the Inter-Service Challenge, it is intended that the Cup celebrate our NAVY – ARMY – AIR FORCE sporting spirit and acknowledge the Service of HMAS HOBART DDG39 and the lives of all who served thereon.

CYCSA appreciates the creativeness of graduates of ASC Pty Ltd in replicating the ‘DUKE OF GLOUCESTER CUP’* by state-of-art 3D technology  to make the ‘HMAS HOBART CUP’ in modern materials.  (*Won by HMAS Hobart DDG39 a record 8 times.)

An especially embossed boxed ADF Medallion* will be awarded to each of the winning team and the ‘HMAS HOBART CUP’ will be inscribed to record the 2023 Winning Team.

  • Coffee will be available from 9am on Saturday 18th March
  • A BBQ lunch will be provided for all participants
  • After racing refreshments will be available for purchase at the club at the completion of presentation.
Training in Elliotts – Teams Racing I Video Links I Racing Rules

Training in the Elliott 7’s available using the following link:

Watch: Training Video…

Basic Rules: Part 2: When Boats Meet