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Berth Classifieds

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Ph 8248 4222

Last updated 16 September 2021

All prices include GST – * Denotes berth for sale and lease

Berths for Sale

Marina East

8m single: C01 – $40,000 ONO
8m twin:
C07, F01, F02 – from $35,000
C11 – $35,000 All offers considered
C13 – $33,000
10m twin: A09, A10, A14, A22, A34, A40, F04, F15- from $30,000
A20, A27, A28, A37, F09, F19, F28, F36 – All offers considered
A29, F20 – $18,000
F37, F38 – $12,500 each – available for sale separately or suitable for multihull if purchased together
F34 – $12,000
10m single: A03, A12 – from $55,000
A01 – Reduced to $30,000 – All offers considered
A02 –Reduced to $25,000 – All offers considered
A05 – $35,000All offers considered
A25 – All offers considered
11m twin:
A42 – from $27,500  – All offers considered
12m twin : D20, D35, D36, D37, D38 – from $29,000
D38 – Reduced – All offers considered
E13 –  All offers considered
E24 & E25 – Reduced to $35,000 to be sold together – suitable for multihull – willing to use as part payment for 14/15m single berth
12m single
: D04, D07, D08, D10, D11, D17, D18, E01, E07, E10  – from $60,000
D21, D23, D30, E03, E04, E05, E22, E23 – All offers considered
E26 & E27 – $120,000 together or $60,000 each if sold separately
13m twin:
C23 – from $60,000
A44 – Reduced to $50,000 – All offers considered
14m single: C24, – $120,000
C25, C27 – All offers considered
15m single
: A47 – Reduced to $100,000
B31, B36 – All offers considered
B32 – $125,000 – All offers considered

C34, C35- from $145,000
16m single: B15 – All offers considered
B16, B22 – $150,000 – All offers considered
B18 – $155,000 – All offers considered
B20 – $159,000
B17 – $160,000 ono (All offers considered)
18m single:
B01 – see below*
20m single: A49 – $150,000

*Unique opportunity to purchase Marina berth B01/Hardstand 108(10m) and storage locker at an all inclusive price of $255,000

Marina West

(Note: All berths in Marina West are Single berths).
11m: M03 – $80,000 – All offers considered suitable for a catamaran
M01 – All offers considered
14m: M07 – All offers considered
15m: N03 –  Reduce to $100,000
M08 – All offers considered
17m: J19, J20 – from $150,000
J08, J10, J12 – All offers considered
J09 – $100,000

K04, K07, K08, L02 – from $135,000
K01, K05,  K10 All offers considered
K06 $135,000All offers considered
M14 – $290,000
27m: M16 – All offers considered
K16 – $475,000


9m: H45, H68, H70, H90 – from $3,000
H57 – $1,500
H58 – Reduced to $1,500 Negotiable
H13, H45, H69, H94 – Reduced to $2,000
H108, H140, H144, H146 – from $5,000



Port Vincent

10m twin: A01, A02, A05, A07, A22, A23 – from $12,000
A16, A17 – $9,000
A18 – All offers considered
12m twin: B36 – $25,000
B33, C53, C63 – from $28,000
C60 – Reduced to $20,000
B34, B40, C61 – All offers considered
12m single: B44, B46, C47 –  from $29,000
C48, C68 – Reduced to $17,900
B25, C50 – All offers considered
14m single: D70, D78 – from $45,000
D74Reduced to $15,000
D77, D79 – $50,000
15m single: D84 – $39,000
D85 – $17,000 ONO
D87- All offers considered
D89 – Reduced to $25,000
20m T Head: A12, B35 – $200,000
24m T Head: C58 – All offers considered

Berths for Lease

Marina East

8m twin: C02, C03, C07, C11
8m single:
10m twin: 
A13, A21, F09*, F15*, F29, F31, F33, F36, F37*, F38*
10m single: A07, A08
12m single: D04*, D21*, D23, D31, E02, E10*, E21, E23*
12m twin:
D20*, D28, D29, D35*, D37*, D38*, E13, E15, E26, E27
13m twin:
A43, A44*
15m single: B27, B29, B33
16m single: B10, B16*, B17*, B22*
18m single: B03


Marina West

Note: All berths in Marina West are Single berths.

11m: M03* – suitable for a catamaran, M04
15M: M08*,N03*
17m: J09, J20*
K07*, K08*, K15
22m: K18
25m: M14*


9m: H09, H45, H57*, H69*

Port Vincent

Contact Rob Marner (Port Vincent Marina Manager)
0414 611 110

Other Information

Notes on Purchasing / Selling Berths

For Existing Berth Owners Considering Selling
As per the Marina Berth Agreement, a 10% commission is payable by the vendor on all berth sales.

As of 22 October 2007 Board Meeting
If you are selling your berth and buying a berth of equal or greater value then your berth sale may be subject to a 5% commission payable to the Club (in lieu of 10%). The sale and purchase must be effected on the same day.  This will be at the discretion of Management.

Corporate Fees

The Club charges a yearly Corporate Fee to all Berth Owners at the CYCSA. Corporate Fees allow for the ongoing maintenance of all berths, Clubhouse and general facilities and towards maintaining the Club’s infrastructure and operations. Please note that as of 2014-15 Council Rates are included in Corporate Fees.  


List of Corporate Fees for 2021/22


All Corporate Fees quoted are for one full year from 1 June 2021 to 31 May 2022.
If you purchase a berth during this time, corporate fees are charged on a pro-rata basis.