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SA Public Moorings Pilot Project Public Meeting

Public Meeting 11 August 2023 RSAYS 7.30pm

All welcome – Show your support – Strengthen the SABFAC grant submission

Goal – To provide a safety net, promote tourism and reduce environmental impacts.

South Australia is the only state not to have a public mooring network – it is time!

  • Blue water vessels have contributed $9.7 million into the SA Marine Facilities Levy since 1996 which has predominately funded boat ramps and jetties
  • In September 2023 a DIT grant submission will be submitted to SABFAC for a pilot project of (9-15) public courtesy moorings – $180K over two financial years. This is a great initiative
  • DIT propose to cover the maintenance and insurance responsibilities
  • The SAMMN committee are asking for equity in access to the Marine Facilities Levy and that Blue Water Boats (power and sail) are treated fairly and not be disadvantaged
  • SAMMN are seeking continuity with other states, that public swing moorings be environmentally friendly and aligned with CSIRO latest research
  • Post implementation of the pilot project, SAMMN anticipate DIT to advance the public mooring network throughout South Australia with community consultation
  • The South Australian Boating Facilities Strategic Plan key initiatives are to create key boating hubs, connect boating routes and improve safety outcomes for all vessels.  The advancement of a public mooring network in South Australian waters is aligned to DITs strategic plan. It is imperative that non-towable boats are included in DITs and SABFAC discussions and that funds are fairly allocated. South Australian Boating Facilities Strategic Plan

As a collective we can show DIT and SABFAC that we seek fairness with the Marine Facilities Levy expenditure. Public Mooring Network SA – It is time!

CYCSA SAMMN Committee representatives – Mark Hutton and Darren Harvey.  Please feel free to make contact if you would like more information

Key stakeholders will be in attendance including:

  • The Department of Transport (DIT)
  • South Australian Marine Mooring Network Committee (SAMMN – CYCSA, RSAYS, GYC)
  • South Australian Boating Facilities Advisory Committee (SABFAC)