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Marine Radio Certificate

Are you using your marine radio without being qualified? Gain the Long Range and/or Short Range Marine Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency.

This certificate is required for all people using VHF and HF Marine radios. Feel confident and secure knowing how to use the boat’s radio. As well as giving you the operational skills essential for the confident and responsible use of a marine radio, a significant benefit of studying for a certificate arises from knowing the distress and safety procedures. It is important that you know what to do when:
– you need to respond to an emergency call; and
– you make one, so your message can be understood and others know how to respond.

In an emergency, knowledge of distress and safety procedures assists everyone involved in the rescue.

Marine radio communications can also provide a variety of services to small vessels, including vital weather and navigational information, telephone calls to and from subscribers ashore, and many other services important to seafarers. All of these use different marine frequencies.

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