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About the Marine Academy

Who are we?
The overall purpose of the CYCSA Marine Academy is to increase the enjoyment, safety and knowledge of members and non-members for recreational power and sail boating and yacht racing. Our emphasis is on: ‘adding value’ for current Club members, providing specific courses relevant to the various Associations, developing successful programs and activities and, in time, establishing the CYCSA as “the” place to go to learn how to go boating.

Are you new to boating? Want to find out how to get involved?
Trying to get a foot in the door (or on the deck) of a new activity can be daunting:

– Who do I contact to try and get involved in Sailing?
– Do I have to join a club?
– Where can I learn to sail?
– What other skills would be important to learn?

These are some common questions and a gladly answered regularly by the CYCSA Marine Academy.

So how do I get started?
There are a variety of ways to get into sailing and power boating, the two easiest being to undertake an Australian Sailing or Royal Yachting Association training course or to start crewing for someone else.

The Australian Sailing and Royal Yachting Association Training schemes are nationally recognised and span from beginners in small boats, yachts and powerboats, to sail cruising and offshore racing.

The CYCSA Marine Academy is a passionate member directed training centre providing RYA/ AS Shore-based courses, AS Power Boat Handling, Safety & Sea Survival Certificate, AS Keelboat Program and Marine Radio Certificates. From our prominent location at North Haven on the Gulf St Vincent the CYCSA Marine Academy prides itself in promoting member and public boating activity.

Sun, breeze, breaking waves, fresh ocean air, propulsion by sail or engine it doesn’t matter, out on the water is the place to be!

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For any enquiries please contact the CYCSA on 08 8248 4222 or email [email protected]