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Racing Association

The Racing Association oversees all racing activities at the CYCSA. A comprehensive calendar includes Windward/Leeward and Fixed Mark course racing, Offshore, Twilight and Short-handed series, Ladies Helm events and Regattas.

Racing is conducted in Winter and Summer seasons on the following days:

Wednesday (Twilight Series from 1800)
Saturday (Club Championship Racing from 1310)
Sunday (Regattas only)

Saturday (Short-handed Series from 1255)
Sunday (Winter Series from 1155)

Series Raced at the CYCSA

Yalumba Club Inshore Series
This series consists of a combination of windward/leeward and fixed mark courses over the course of 13 races for Div 1 and Div 2.

Bravo Sails Coaster Series
The Coaster Series consists of 8 coastal (Category 6) races, conducted during daylight hours.

Offshore Series 
The Offshore Series is made up of 3 races over 150nm and 4 races under 100nm. All Offshore Races are Category 3.

IRC Series
While all boats can compete under the Club handicap (PHS), an IRC division is also offered for Division 1 and Division 2. Boats competing under IRC may nominate for the elite South Australian IRC Championship. This series is open to all boats in the State who hold a current IRC and Category 3 Certificate.

AMS Series
An AMS division was established in season 2013-14 and is also offered for Division 1 and Division 2. Boats competing under AMS may nominate for the South Australian AMS Championship. This series is open to all boats in the State who hold a current AMS and Category 3 Certificate.

The Phil Hoffmann Travel Twilight Series
Twilight racing is extremely popular during the Summer season. The CYCSA offers two Wednesday Twilight Series – one before Christmas and one after Christmas. The Twilight Series is a great opportunity for novice racers and casual sailors to experience the thrill of competing in a large fleet. No spinnakers are allowed in this series, thus alleviating the need for experienced crew on board. Races start around 6pm and the evening culminates with a gourmet BBQ, presentations and prizes. Twilight Racing is a great opportunity to break up the working week and make some new friends.

Port River Marine Winter Series
From May through to August the CYCSA conducts the Port River Marine Winter Series.  This series runs parallel with a Combined Winter Series held in conjunction with the Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron. Typically the combined Winter Series fleet sees 35+ boats out on the water every second Sunday. Race days typically start with a cooked breakfast on the club patio, followed by prize-giving after the race.

Short-handed Series
The Short-handed Series is run on sporadic Saturdays from May – August. Conducted as a Category 6 series it is open to boats crewed by two able persons 18 years and over. In 2012 the Racing Association introduced a Category 3 Short-handed Destination race to Pt Vincent.


Highlights of the CYCSA racing calendar include the Queen of the Gulf Regatta, the Premier’s Cup Regatta, the Adelaide to Port Lincoln Race, and the Great Southern Regatta.


The fleet at the CYCSA comprises of the following divisions:
Division 1, Division 2, IRC, AMS

Crewing Opportunities at the CYCSA

Regardless of skill level, there are always plenty of opportunities for people who are interested in sailing to participate as crew members at the CYCSA. Please contact the Race Office to register your interest.  The Twilight Series is the best series to ensure a position on a boat and meet skippers. If you have more experience and are interested in crewing for the Summer Series and Offshore Series, please fill in the ‘Crew Available’ form here.

We also have a variety of courses available through our Marine Academy if you would like to learn how to sail or improve your current skills. Click here to visit the Marine Academy’s page.

Racing Membership Fees

CYCSA Racing Membership is payable per annum. Senior members of the CYCSA may join the Racing Association upon payment of the Racing Participation fee.

Find out about Youth and Intermediate membership for ages under 30 years [here]

To provide flexibility and incentive, as of the 1st October 2019 the Racing Association will also be offering a casual membership scheme called the CYC Day Pass for visitors (this will replace the Casual Participation Form). The CYC Day Pass will be provided at a minimal cost, which will enable prospective members to sail at the Club and use the Clubhouse Facilities after racing. There are two types of passes; Race Day Sail Pass (see below) and Twilight sail Pass (which are free).

The CYC Day Pass allows prospective members to race up to 10 times before they need to subscribe to annual Racing Association membership. As an extra incentive, the money that has already been spent on the CYC Day Pass will come off your Racing Association Membership Fee.

The CYC Day Pass cost is $20 per race day

Once the prospective member has sailed a total of 10 times, they need to become a member of the CYC Racing Association. The $200 paid up to this point will come off the membership fee.

The benefits of the CYC Day pass Membership:

  • You will comply with CYC Club policy
  • Australian Sailing Personal Accident Insurance for the day
  • AS number for the day (necessary for all who race)
  • Facility access (showers etc).

CYC Casual Day Pass Memberships are available from the Racing Office on race days or online [here]

It is mandatory that all who sail out of the CYCSA have either a CYC Day Pass Membership or are a member of the Racing Association.

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