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About the YSF

The Cruising Yacht Club is passionately committed to investing in the future of our sport and in South Australia’s youth. Our Youth Sailing Foundation is designed to foster and develop young people into becoming the sailing champions of the future. Along the way we are proud to impart life skills such as planning, resilience and strategy to all those under our guidance.

The Youth Sailing Foundation pathway introduces sailing, develops personal and team skills and provides the competitive drive to propel our sailors towards personal and national goals and the prospect of future professional sailing or marine industry livelihoods.

The Foundation’s aim is to send our youth teams to compete at national and international levels and for them to leave the program as better, more rounded people. Students from all socio-economic backgrounds learn across the level playing field of our fleet of Elliott 7 keelboats used across a range of sailing and training activities

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Discover Sailing 

Discover Sailing on our Elliotts and feel the excitement! Get out on the water in our state of the art keelboats. Suitable for 12 to 70 year olds. Enquire today: [email protected]

It’s been a big few years for our CYCSA Youth Sailing Foundation. Thank you to our incredible sponsors, their support has enabled us to achieve some incredible results. We have big plans going forward and always welcome additional support. For more info contact [email protected]

Help support their journey….

If you would like to support their effort, please feel free to make a donation using the portal link below. 100% of your donation will help fund expenses for the Youth Team. To make a tax deductible donation to the Youth Sailing Foundation via the Australian Sports Foundation, click below to find out more