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Powerboat Courses | State Boat Licence

Start Powerboating
Looking to gain a powerboat licence? The best way to gain your boat licence while gaining valuable powerboat operating skills is through the CYCSA Marine Academy’s Start Powerboating Course.

The Start Powerboating course is an Australian Sailing accredited course recognised by Transport SA to qualify you with a State Boat Licence with no further testing. This Course is aimed at people with a desire to own and/or be in charge of a recreational Powerboat, teaching practical skills to safely operate a small Powerboat. You will gain the knowledge and skill to safely handle a recreational powerboat. Gain your boat licence through practical training with a knowledgeable, caring and qualified Australian Sailing Powerboat Instructor.

Before the course you will be issued with a theory pack that includes some pre-course learning. The rest of the course is spent on the water driving our training powerboat. Learning the correct pre-launch checks, start up and low speed manuovers. We then move onto docking, man overboard and high speed planning. Throughout the day we will teach you how to plan a Powerboating trip to finish off our hands on practical assessment for your boat licence. Along the way you will pick up on all the tricks and tips to be a safe, diligent and confident Powerboater.

All this without sitting a written test! So let the wind blow through your hair and give it a go!

Check our Bookings Page for Group Course Dates.
Minimum of 3 people and maximum of 8 per course.
Course cost: $420 | Members price: $360

Private Start Powerboating
Available anytime given a minimum booking of two weeks in advance. This is a private 1:1 course.

Powerboat Handling
Designed for people with previous powerboat skills to develop key concepts to efficiently and safely use a powerboat. Required for Australian Sailing dinghy and windsurfing instructors.

Powerboat Handling is run on the same day as the Start Powerboating group course dates and has a prerequisite of holding a state boat licence.

Private Powerboat Handling is also available anytime given a minimum booking of two weeks in advance.

Course cost: $420 | Members price: $360

Please visit our Bookings Page for further details.