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Course Overview

The Regional and National Race Officer Seminar is aimed at educating Australian Sailing members in principles to conduct consistent, fair and safe racing.

Race Officers play an important role in sailing by enabling competition at all levels. They do this through assisting the regatta planning process and conducting quality racing for club through to championship events.

To become accredited as an Australian Sailing Regional or National Race Officer you are required to meet the Race Officer Policy accreditation criteria by:

  • Being a member of an Australian Sailing affiliated club.
  • Attending an Australian Sailing Regional and National Race Officer Seminar.
  • Passing the Regional and National Race Officer Exam (pass mark: Regional – 70%, National – 80%).
  • Providing an Event Log (refer to the Accreditation Policy criteria).
  • Passing the Race Officer Performance Assessment in the past four years.

Links to the Race Officer Policy and all documents necessary for accreditation can be found on the Australian Sailing website – Accreditation and Re-accreditation page.

If you wish to accredit via submitting prior evidence that meets the above requirements please complete either:

When completing the form please upload any Word, Excel or other documents in PDF format.

Registration at the top of this page allow you to enrol in an available Accreditation Seminar. Attendees are asked to bring to the seminar:

Course Prerequisites

There are no pre-requisites for participation in this seminar. However, attendance at the Australian Sailing Race Officer Seminar is just one aspect of becoming a National Race Officer.

For further details please read the Race Officers Policy which can be found on the Australian Sailing website – Accreditation and Re-accreditation page.

Course Price

The cost of the seminar is $155.00.

Who should do this course?

The Regional and National Race Officer Seminar is aimed at training people who wish to develop and become a Course Race Officer or Principal Race Officer in the sport of Sailing. Those who may be interested in becoming a Regional or National Race Officer include parents, club volunteers and sailors who have experience with sailing racing.

Course Outcome

Participants will become accredited as either a Regional or National Race Officer after submitting an online application for which meets all criteria outlined in the Race Officer Policy.


Crew Opportunities:

At the Cruising Yacht Club of SA, we love seeing people experience the thrills and good times that can be had on the water. There are many opportunities for anyone – from experienced sea dogs to novices – to jump on one of our boats to crew for a race.

If you do not have a lot of experience or knowledge, don’t be put off. Many of our friendly skippers are happy to guide and mentor enthusiastic newbies. If you’d like some more in depth guidance and the chance to learn new skills, contact our Marine Academy. There are heaps of great courses on offer for all skill levels!

If you are not already a member of the CYCSA, the first three races are free and then you are required to pay a casual race day fee through Sail Pass. This gives prospective members an opportunity to race at the CYCSA before subscribing to our great value Racing membership. For more information, including Racing Membership fees, please visit our Racing Association page.

If you’d like to get involved in racing or have any questions please contact the Racing Manager on 8248 4222 or [email protected]

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