Environment - CYCSA


The Cruising Yacht Club of South Australia is committed to maintaining a high standard of environmental management while continually striving to be a leader in the provision of sustainable environmental facilities, including alternative energy.

As a Club member and boat owner, please refer to the EPA Code of practice (below) for vessel and facility management (marine and inland waters) for further information regarding your possible obligations to the marina environment.

While protecting the environment comes naturally to most boaters, because clean water is the foundation of enjoyable boating. A common sense approach while boating is thought to be the most effective way to protect the aquatic environment. A useful sixteen point checklist from the ‘Boating Industry Association’ (BIA) Code of Practice serves as a quick reference to important environmental concerns. Please see BIA excerpt [here]

Rubbish, Recycling Area and Waste Oil Station

Located at Marina East
The Rubbish Area is located south of the Trolley Bay for the disposal of general waste and recyclable materials. The Waste Oil Station is located at the rear of the Rubbish Area. Facilities are available for the disposal of waste oil, oily rags, batteries and coolant.

Oil Spills

Oil spills are of concern to the Club. If you see anything please report it to Reception. For large spills, an Environmental Spill Kit (emergency orange wheelie bin) is located at the bottom of the marina walkways in Marina East and Marina West and in the Clubhouse at Port Vincent, and contains a boom to trap substances, and soaker pads to mop up. Easy operating instructions are listed on the inside of the lid. Please advise the office as soon as practicable if a spill has occurred. Waste oil must be disposed of in the Waste Oil Stations located at the rear of the rubbish bin area.

The Club also holds regular spill & fire cart training sessions sessions, which is available for all Club Members to attend.

Spray Painting

It is the aim of CYCSA management to minimize all forms of spray painting on site. Contractors and members are requested and encouraged to apply paint by brush or roller.

  1. No member or contractor shall undertake spray painting within the confines of the Cruising Yacht Club without permission of the GM or Administration & Operations Manager. Regulations covering spray painting including types of paints and spray equipment are as follows:-
  2. a) Spray painting may only be carried out on the Slipway apron and approaches to the launching ramp
    b) Spray painting may only be carried out when the wind is from the south or southwest at no more than 5 knots
    c) Except for minor touch up work only anti-fouling paint may be used
    d) Except for minor touch up work only airless spray equipment may be used
    e) Any person spray painting shall create an exclusion zone 6 metres from the vessel being sprayed, using signed bollards provided by CYCSA. The exclusion zone must be clean prior to spray painting and all non-essential hazardous materials must be removed. There is to be no smoking in this area and a person within the exclusion zone must not light or introduce any source of ignition, or start or set in motion the engine of any plant.
    f) All personnel working inside the exclusion zone shall wear appropriate respirators. Full face and half face respirators that rely on facial fit are not acceptable if the operator has facial hair. Operators who have facial hair shall use either powered air purifying respirators (PAPR) or air supply type respirators in accordance with OHS&W Regulations 1995 Personal Protection 2.12.2 Use of Air Supplied Respiratory Equipment and AS/NZ1716
    g) No spray painting shall take place at weekends / public holidays or on special Club activity days.
    h) The GM (or his/ her appointed representative) or the Administration & Operations Manager may instruct that spray painting cease at any time