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The  Cruising Yacht Club of South Australia  Presents

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Race 1   [19/05/2007]   updated on :  2/06/2007  1:22:05 PM


Keel TOT HC results
Place Sail No Boat Name Elapsd AHC HC Cor'd T BCH CHC Skipper Class Score Fin Tim ETOrd DidNot
ABN YC270 PATRICE III   0.760       SHANE WISEMAN D2 0.0     ABN
ABN YC360 KINETIC ENERGY   0.845       ANDY SHIPP D1 0.0     ABN
ABN YC388 SILVER CLOUD   0.725       STEVE STANDEN D2 0.0     ABN
ABN YC762 CARIOCA   0.790       BETH HUTTON D2 0.0     ABN
ABN YC982 NEW MORNING III   0.790       NIVES VINCENT D2 0.0     ABN