Powerboat Courses - CYCSA

Powerboat Courses

1. Start Powerboating

  • $370 per student
  • 12 hrs
  • No pre-requisites
  • Qualified Instructor
  • Safe training vessel

2. Powerboat Handling

Rib Charter in Salcombe

  • $300 per student
  • 8 hrs
  • Needed to instruct or coach sailing
  • Credit for AMSA Coxswain 3
  • No pre-requisites

3. Safety Boat Operator

  • $370 per student
  • 12 hrs
  • Pre-requisites: Start PB & PBH

1. Start Powerboating: Your powerboating pathway begins here introducing practical driving skills, trip planning, boat maintenance, safety equipment and dealing with emergency situations. Following the course you will have sufficient skills and knowledge to skipper a small powerboat.

2.Powerboat Handling: This one-day course is designed to improve your boat handling skills, especially in confined areas such as Marinas and in swell and waves. You will also learn more about engines and types of craft, and practice navigation techniques on a passage.

3. Safety Boat Operator: This course provides the skills needed to support water based activities at clubs, schools and outdoor recreation centres. Over 12 hours you’ll learn about race course design, practice on-water rescue of dinghies and multi-hulls, and even get an awareness of techniques to support kite surfers and kayaks.

The CYCSA is an accredited Australian Sailing Discover Sailing Centre and was awarded the 2022-23 AS Yacht Club of the Year.

Powerboat Program

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