Elliott Pathways - CYCSA

Elliott Pathways


Incorporates the popular Australian Sailing Keelboat Program.
A sequential, step by step program that takes you through all the facets of keelboat sailing on our safe and popular Elliott 7’s.

1. Discover Sailing

  • 1st Saturday of every Month
  • Keelboat sailing for beginners
  • One boat per 3-4 people
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2. Start Crewing 

  • No pre-requisites
  • Intro. to basics of keelboat sailing
  • 12 hour course over 2 days
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3. Start Helming

  • Pre-requisite: Start Crewing
  • Focus on helming skills and techniques
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4. Start Spinnaker

  • Pre-requisite: Start Helming
  • Focus on Spinnaker handling & trimming
  • Next course


5. Start Racing

Prepare to race on Wednesday and/or Saturdays 

  • Learn basic racing rules/manoevres
  • Improve results on the race course
  • Learn fleet, match & teams racing
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Australian Keelboat Program

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