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Latest Youth Sailing News

Watch this space for updates and the latest news on the CYCSA Youth Sailing Foundation (YSF)

A Busy Week

YSF Episode 7 | Branding Begins

It’s certainly been a big week for the CYCSA Youth Sailing Foundation with rigging installation and sign writing underway. We even took the first Elliott for a test sail.

A Step Closer
YSF Episode 6 | Boats hit the water…

With all six hulls in the water, rigging installation becomes the next phase of commissioning for the Foundation fleet and we are very lucky to have the expertise of long time CYCSA member Tim Cowen to assist us.

Crane Day
YSF Episode 5 | Commissioning begins…

Excited to finally commence the commissioning program of our Youth Sailing Foundation’s fleet of Elliott 7s…. still lots to do so watch this space for updates.

The Fleet Have Arrived
YSF Episode 4 | A sneak peek at the fleet

A momentous time for the CYCSA Youth Sailing Foundation as our six Elliott 7s keelboats finally arrive from the factory in China.Work starts now to commission the fleet which should see the first boats hit the water in early October.
Exciting times ahead for both the CYCSA and the entire South Australian sailing community.
Massive thanks to Rapid Haulage

Fostering Greater Female Participation
YSF Episode 3 | Meet Rose, Maddy and Nicci

It is a myth that “boys are more interested in sports than girls” – We know that girls are just as interested in sports as boys when they are young. A combination of the lack of opportunity, peer group support and encouragement causes them to drop out of sports at a rate that is two times greater than boys.

The benefits of athletic participation for boys and girls are the same. There are additional sociological and physiological benefits for girls who play compared to those who don’t.

The CYCSA Youth Sailing Foundation endorses gender equality in sports, we welcomed our first three female participants at our latest AS keelboat instructor course over the weekend.

Meet the Committee
YSF Episode 2 | First Committee Meeting

A key part to the success of any foundation are the resources and vibrancy at the Helm! The CYCSA Youth Sailing Foundation Advisory Committee held their first meeting last week headed up by CYCSA Board Member, Doreen Perrin who welcomed committee members Robbie Deussen, Caroline Cowen, Nick Bice and Colin Gordon. Here’s a short insight into that meeting and this exciting initiative for the South Australian sailing community.

They’re Coming!
YSF Episode 1 | Instructors Course

Exciting times ahead for the South Australian sailing community as the Cruising Yacht Club of South Australia prepares for delivery of a fleet of six Elliott 7 keelboats for our newly established Youth Sailing Foundation (YSF). The Foundation will provide fantastic opportunities for the States youth as well as service the Australian Sailing keelboat and Veterans programs.